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Cape Cod. The Mayflower. Boston cream pie. Harvard University. One of the original 13 colonies and lovingly called the “Baked Bean State,” Massachusetts is rich in American history, culture and cuisine. This tiny New England state is home to hundreds of thousands of Boston Terrier lovers and literature aficionados alike. Sadly, it is also burdened with a growing number of substance use disorder cases. But with the dedication of treatment centers and clinicians across the state, this trend doesn’t have to continue. If you or someone you love cannot stop using drugs or alcohol, help is closer than you think in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Opioid Crisis

News stations, newspapers and magazines have been reporting on the opioid crisis for years in an attempt to alert the public and find solutions. Massachusetts has felt the effects of the crisis, with the number of opioid overdose deaths steadily increasing, even though pharmacists have been prescribing fewer painkillers over the past few years. In 2011, there were 65.9 opioid prescriptions for every 100 residents in the state. In 2016, the number dropped to 47 prescriptions for every 100 residents. These efforts have yet to decrease the number of overdose deaths. The number rose from 1,017 in 2011 to 1,724 in 2016. In response to the crisis, rehab centers and help lines are available.

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The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper761 Cuthbert Boulevard Cherry Hill NJ 08002 (786) 780-1408

The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Massachusetts. Our closest facility is in Maryland and can be seen in the map above.

Massachusetts Drug & Alcohol Hotlines

Caring professionals are here to listen 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any of these hotlines.

  • SAMHSA Treatment Helpline

    If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, the SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline can help connect you with appropriate resources.

  • Poison Control

    This hotline can answer questions or address emergencies regarding medication and drug-related poisonings.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Massachusetts Cities

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Massachusetts Drug Abuse

Although it is among the smaller U.S. states, Massachusetts is home to hundreds of thousands of people who have issues with drug and alcohol abuse. These statistics highlight the reality of substance use disorders in this New England state:

From 2014–2016
Increase in Opioid-Related Deaths

Massachusetts had 1,933 confirmed opioid-related deaths in 2016, with the estimated total number reaching past 2,000 deaths. These numbers have risen steadily since 2000, and are projected to increase in 2017.

Each Year, an Estimated
Youths Binge Drink

Of Massachusetts youth ages 12–20, about 17.7 percent binge drink. Every year since 2010, the percentage of underage binge drinking has been higher than the national average.

Of Adults Addicted to Illicit Drugs
Did Not Receive Treatment

Only about 22,000 people (13.6 percent) received drug rehab in Massachusetts from 2010 to 2014. Drug treatment facilities in Massachusetts are not impossible to find — don’t become a statistic if you’re struggling.

From 2013–2014
Residents Were Dependent on Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is an issue across America, and Massachusetts is no exception. However, hope is on the rise as options for alcohol treatment in the state are growing every day.

These statistics may come as a shock to those who view this state as idyllic and serene. But doctors and clinicians across Massachusetts are working to lower these numbers every day, and there are more drug and alcohol rehab centers in Massachusetts today than ever before. If you’re looking for drug treatment in Massachusetts, you’ll have many options, but it’s beneficial to consider out-of-state facilities, too. The Recovery Village runs treatment centers in several states across the country and has comprehensive, customizable plans to suit your needs.

Choosing a Massachusetts Rehab Facility

Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab in Massachusetts begins with evaluating your specific needs. If your addiction is severe or has been an ongoing issue, a detox center or inpatient care at a treatment facility may be the most effective option as it provides round-the-clock supervision. If you’ve been dependent on a substance for only a short time or are already starting your recovery journey, an outpatient program or sober living situation will put you on the right track.

No matter where you are on the path back to wellness, The Recovery Village offers a level of care to suit your needs and goals. This nationwide network of treatment centers has programs ranging from medical detox to aftercare, all of which are supervised and customized for you. As some Massachusetts alcohol rehab center and drug treatment options only offer short-term or minimal care, your best bet may be to go to a center that offers many different programs, like The Recovery Village.

All of The Recovery Village facilities feature:

  • A variety of care levels, including inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Multiple types of counseling and recreational therapy
  • A trained staff of addiction specialists
  • Confidential treatment for all patients

The Recovery Village: Your Destination for Wellness

Massachusetts drug rehab centers and programs for alcohol abuse may be a great local option for those with substance use disorders. If you are looking for a specific level of care or are struggling to find the right program, traveling for rehab can be beneficial for yourself or a loved one who needs therapy. With facilities in Ohio, Washington, Florida and Colorado, The Recovery Village can provide the kind of care you need, wherever you are.

The Recovery Village Columbus

 Groveport, Ohio

  • Medical detox care, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment
  • A variety of recreational amenities
  • Yoga, art, and music therapy

Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando, Florida

  • Medically assisted drug and alcohol detox
  • Inpatient, outpatient and aftercare treatment
  • Eating disorder recovery program
  • Yoga therapy

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