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It’s scientifically proven that Kansas is flatter than an IHOP pancake, but there’s more to Kansas than meets the sea level. This humble state features every type of prairie habitat in the country, where Western meadowlarks and ornate box turtles (the state reptile) thrive. The birthplace of Pizza Hut, helium and the helicopter, the Sunflower State has much to offer tourists and residents alike. Stay out of Dodge of the state’s 60 tornadoes per year by visiting Dorothy’s House and Land of Oz in Liberal, Kansas.

Where Amelia Earhart took her first flight, the Jayhawk State has a booming aircraft manufacturing industry that inspires the state to live up to its motto, “ad astra per aspera,” meaning “to the stars through difficulties.” But there are some obstacles the state has yet to overcome on its way to the cosmos, namely drug and alcohol abuse. In Kansas, alcoholism and other substance use disorders continue to become more common over time, but that trend doesn’t have to continue.

If you or a loved one needs help for a substance use disorder, there are reliable options for drug and alcohol treatment in Kansas. Calling one of the hotlines below can be the first step to finding outpatient or inpatient drug rehab in Kansas. If you’re interested in out-of-state treatment, reach out to The Recovery Village. Healing is possible — more alcohol and drug rehab centers in Kansas are opening each year.       


Kansas Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has been making headlines for years, with stories of hospitalizations and fatal overdoses attached. It’s been a problem in the country since the late ‘90s, and although pharmacists are actively attempting to solve it, the number of opioid overdose deaths continues to climb. In the state of Kansas, the number of deaths as a result of opioid overdose has remained steady over the past few years. In 2011, there were 317 deaths. This number rose and fell through 2016, but only slightly; in 2016, there were 313 deaths. Meanwhile, the number of opioid prescriptions for every 100 Kansas residents declined from 87.8 to 76.9 from 2011 to 2016, as a means of combating the problem. The phone numbers below are just a few of the many available resources that can serve as the first step in getting treatment for abuse or addiction involving opioids or any other substance.

Our Closest Facility:

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake443 S. Hwy 105 Palmer Lake CO 80133-9003 (719) 884-0063

The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Kansas. Our closest facility is in Palmer Lake, Colorado and can be seen in the map above.

Kansas Drug & Alcohol Hotlines

Caring professionals are here to listen 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any of these hotlines.

  • SAMHSA Treatment Helpline

    If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, the SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline can help connect you with appropriate resources.

  • Poison Control

    Drugs and alcohol can be poisonous to the body. If you are experiencing a poisoning emergency, this hotline can give you answers.

Call 911 in the event of a serious drug-related emergency.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Kansas Cities

To find Kansas alcohol treatment or drug rehabilitation programs, select a city from the list below.

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Kansas Drug Abuse

To best understand the need for drug and alcohol rehab centers in Kansas, it’s important to know the effects of substance abuse on individuals and society. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), along with other organizations, collects data on drug and alcohol use, along with mental health conditions. This eye-opening information can let those in need realize that they are not alone and help them find a Kansas drug rehab center or alcohol support group to overcome addiction.

Nonmedical Pain Reliever Use
Among Adolescents

Kansas saw about 11,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 17 (4.4 percent of the age group) using pain relievers to get high from 2013–2014.

Kansas Alcohol Abuse
From 2013–2014

In Kansas, 7.4 percent of those aged 12 and over (about 174,000 people) were dependent on or abused alcohol from 2013–2014.

Illicit Drug Dependence
Ages 12 and Up

From 2013–2014, about 55,000 people aged 12 and over in Kansas (about 2.4 percent of the age group) were dependent upon or abused illegal substances.

Alcohol Treatment
From 2010–2014

While many struggled with alcohol addiction, only about 11,000 (6.4 percent of those struggling with addiction) per year attended alcohol rehab in Kansas from 2010–2014.

Many people struggle with substance abuse in the United States, but there are many options for treatment, including Kansas drug detox, inpatient programs and outpatient drug rehab. Kansas offers a variety of programs, whether you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs, or a combination of substances and mental health issues. For some, drug or alcohol treatment outside of Kansas may be best.

Choosing a Kansas Rehab Facility

Recovery takes time. In many cases, professional care is needed to break free from addiction. While alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Kansas can be places of hope and healing, some people choose to undergo rehab at an out-of-state center. This distance from home is often therapeutic, allowing space from the people and places that can drive addiction.

If you’re considering an alternative to alcohol and drug rehab in Kansas, The Recovery Village is a nationally recognized collection of rehabilitation centers that can point you to the path of health and healing. Driven by a commitment to comprehensive care, The Recovery Village provides clients with a peaceful place to focus on recovery.

With locations in Ohio, Colorado, Washington State, Florida and beyond, each facility at The Recovery Village includes:

  • A comprehensive continuum of care that may include medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization, outpatient care and aftercare
  • Evidence-based treatment for co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • Individual and group therapy for reflection in a supportive environment
  • A full team of highly qualified addiction professionals
  • Amenities that promote physical health and fitness, including yoga, swimming and sports
  • Confidential care, guaranteed

The Recovery Village: Your Destination for Wellness

While there are a variety of opportunities for alcohol or drug treatment in Kansas, leaving the state is often the best way to ensure you’re getting the highest quality of care possible. With a location in nearby Colorado and several other centers across the country, The Recovery Village makes it easy for Kansans to get help and break free from the bonds of addiction. With individualized care, evidence-based treatments and renewing amenities, The Recovery Village is your ideal place for hope and healing.

The Recovery Village Umatilla

Umatilla, Florida

  • Types of treatment: medical detox, intensive inpatient, residential care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient and aftercare
  • Music, art and massage therapy
  • Gender-specific sober living homes for aftercare

The Recovery Village Palmer Lake

Palmer Lake, Colorado

  • Comprehensive levels of care, including medical detox, intensive inpatient, inpatient residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient
  • Breathtaking mountain and lake views
  • Yoga, drama, and massage therapy

The Recovery Village Columbus

Groveport, Ohio

  • Medical detox for drugs and alcohol
  • Intensive inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care
  • Art studio, multiple gyms and a recreation room

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