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On-Demand Addiction & Mental Health Webinars

The Recovery Village offers online educational opportunities to help medical professionals and community members stay up to date with the latest advancements in addiction and behavioral health treatments. Our webinars contain valuable insight on addiction and mental health topics to share with colleagues, patients, family and friends.

Featured Webinars

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The Recovery Village and Opera del Sol partnered to create a five-part series about how music can relate to anyone dealing with or recovering from a substance use or mental health disorder.

  1. Take Your Broken Heart and Turn it Into Art
  2. Addiction Crisis Through a Mother’s Eyes
  3. How Do We Connect to Generation Z
  4. The Causes of Despair and Knowing You are Not Alone
  5. Are You Ready to Take on New Beginnings?

Featured Speakers

Our network of medical specialists, speakers and experts on addiction and mental health, provide valuable resources to local and national healthcare communities. If you have a presentation, article or other materials that you’d like to share with practitioners at a continuing education event, submit your information and join our network of contributors.

Genesis Games
Genesis Games
Community Education Speaker

Dorinda Burnham
Dorinda Burnham
Community Education Speaker

Natasha D'Arcangelo
Natasha D’Arcangelo
Community Education Speaker

Timothy Wienecke
Timothy Wienecke
Professional Education Speaker

Upcoming Live Events

We host weekly Community Education events for anyone interested in learning more about addiction and other mental health topics. These are hosted on Zoom and will be published to the site after the event.

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