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Colorado continues to face struggles with substance misuse, meaning treatment services are more important than ever. Find the best options for treatment, detox, rehab, and more.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Colorado

Colorado is known for its striking landscapes and an endless array of outdoor activities for all seasons. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Plains, there is an adventure to be had across the state. Despite its natural wonder and winsome culture, however, the Centennial State also has an unfortunate reputation as one of the states with the highest rates of drug use in the nation. For instance, one study ranked Colorado as having the third-highest rate of adult drug use in the United States. 

Many in Colorado face addiction to substances like alcohol, methamphetamine, prescription opioids, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and more. In fact, a SAMHSA survey shows that Colorado was the top consumer of opioid painkillers, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. Most states only ranked for one substance, while Colorado stood out in all four. Despite the widespread drug issue, there are many therapy options available, including full-service drug treatment centers, local meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous and facilities offering medication-assisted treatment.

With so many drug rehab centers in Colorado, it can be difficult to narrow your choices down. The Recovery Village offers in-state therapy, along with out-of-state options for a full continuum of care. The Recovery Village Palmer Lake provides healing care with medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, and more. Whether you choose The Recovery Village or any of the other drug treatment options in Colorado, these valuable resources can save lives and help you overcome addiction.


Get Immediate Help for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in CO

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger due to drugs or alcohol, call 911 right away. Residents of Colorado may use these confidential hotline numbers listed below when seeking help with drug or alcohol abuse issues.

SAMHSA Treatment Helpline

If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, the SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline can help connect you with appropriate resources.

Poison Control

If you’re experiencing or witnessing a drug- or alcohol-related poisoning, you need to act quickly. This hotline can help.

Colorado Opioid Epidemic

The United States opioid crisis has touched countless people in every single state, and Colorado is no exception. Opioid prescription rates rose across the country in the 1990s and then fell after many state and local governments put restrictions in place to combat increases in addiction and overdose. 

While opioid prescription rates in Colorado dropped to 45.1 per 100 people in 2018, opioid deaths in the state remain high. This can largely be attributed to increases in heroin and fentanyl use as a result of restricted access to prescription opioids. In 2018 alone, 564 individuals in Colorado died from an opioid overdose. These deaths were caused by prescription opioids and illegal, more potent varieties like heroin and fentanyl.

Colorado Drug Abuse & Alcoholism

Colorado is one of the states in which recreational and medicinal marijuana use is legal. While marijuana is a major drug of abuse in the state, other drugs have seen an upward trend in recent years as well. These include cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and prescription opioids. This trend proves the need for drug and alcohol rehab. 

IN 2017


Every year, there are hundreds of fatal car crashes that involve substances, including marijuana. In 2017, 139 Colorado drivers who tested positive for cannabinoids were involved in fatal crashes.

IN 2018


Only 17 methamphetamine-deaths were recorded in 2000. Numbers stayed under 50 until 2011. From 2011 to 2018, the numbers skyrocketed.

IN 2018


Fatal prescription opioid overdoses have risen in the U.S. in recent years, and Colorado is no exception. In 2000, there were only 87 deaths, but sharp increases came after 2004.



Far too many Coloradans drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Additionally, more than one-third of all Colorado road fatalities are alcohol-related.

While these statistics are startling, hope and help are on the rise, too. More resources for drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado are opening for those in need, with effective treatments and recreational therapy becoming more prevalent nationwide.

Choosing a Colorado Rehab Facility

Like the individuals they impact, drug and alcohol addictions are complex. That’s why generic solutions to addiction treatment don’t usually work. Treatment must be tailored to the individual. While each alcohol and drug rehab center in Colorado has a slightly different approach to recovery, it’s important that you choose a facility that keeps your unique needs as a patient and person in mind. Fortunately, many rehab facilities include personalized programs to meet these needs.

The Recovery Village offers state-of-the-art treatment programs that are as varied as the individuals taking part in them. With a center conveniently located in Palmer Lake, Colorado, The Recovery Village offers comprehensive healing to local and out-of-state patients alike. For those interested in receiving treatment outside the state of Colorado, The Recovery Village offers a number of facilities throughout the country, including locations in Washington, Ohio, New Jersey, and Florida. Each facility:

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Meetings in Colorado

Colorado offers more than a dozen drug and alcohol recovery meeting venues throughout the state to help men and women remain in recovery. With the support of people who know what you’re going through, you’ll be more likely to stay sober and drug-free for a lifetime. There are also various meetings for the friends and family members of individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

St. Andrews Church
3700 Baseline Rd.
CO 80303

York Street Club
1311 York St.
CO 80206

Clean Slate Meeting Place
1769 S 8th St.
Colorado Springs,
CO 80905

AA Meetings in Palmer Lake, CO

St. Andrews Church
3700 Baseline Rd.
CO 80303

Sobriety House
121 Acoma St.
CO 80223

Get Real
2555 Airport Rd. Suite #103
Colorado Springs,
CO 80910

Living Well Transitions
1320 Pearl St.
CO 80302

DuPont Counseling Services
12101 East 2nd Avenue Suite 100A
CO 80011

Veterans Affairs CBOC
3141 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs,
CO 80907

Al-Anon: Center for Spiritual Living
5075 Flintridge Dr.
Colorado Springs,
CO 80918

Al-Anon: York Street Club
1311 York St.
CO 80206

The Recovery Village

While there are several drug and alcohol rehab centers in Colorado, not all of them offer every level of treatment. In some cases, the program you’re looking for may be located in another state entirely.

If you’re searching for alcohol or drug rehab in Colorado specifically, The Recovery Village’s full-service facility offers every level of care, including detox, inpatient, outpatient and aftercare programs. Our Colorado center is located in Palmer Lake, where you can find treatment and mental health care customized to your needs. With centers across the country and teams of experienced addiction specialists and counselors at each facility, you or your loved one can find healing at The Recovery Village.

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