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Videos Resources for Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health

To provide a full spectrum of resources for those living with addiction or mental health conditions and their loved ones, The Recovery Village created several video series about addiction, co-occurring disorders and recovery.

Over 75 Video Lessons Available!

Our clinically-led videos cover a broad range of topics, including signs of drug or alcohol abuse, common mental health disorders and treatment options, and coping strategies for long-term recovery.

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Videos About Substance Use Disorders

Click to watch videos about addiction

Videos About Mental Health Conditions

Click to watch videos about mental health conditions and coping strategies

Videos About Recovery & More

Click to watch videos about recovery tips and more

Other Topics Covered by Our Experts

Our  mental health and addiction video lessons are often accompanied by worksheets you can access on our website or via our telehealth app. Other videos and activities such as guided meditations, yoga and breathing exercises as well as journaling and daily inspirations are also available via our app.

The Recovery Village also offers online webinars and educational opportunities to help medical professionals and community members stay up to date with the latest advancements in addiction and behavioral health treatments and trends. These webinars contain valuable insight on addiction and mental health topics to share with colleagues, patients, family and friends. To view our on-demand webinars and upcoming event schedule, please our webinar portal.

These Videos & More Can Be Found on Our YouTube Channel.

You're Not Alone.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction or a debilitating mental health condition, contact us or one of the resources provided below to get professional help that can start you on the path to recovery and relief.

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